About us

10 years creating remarkable brands, digital products, and services.

At Matilha we believe in Design as the main tool for improving business.

We explore different points of view, considering the experience of each person on our team and also the data collected from researches.

Our history


We were a team of 8 designers and we had another name. We did what we believed in and always with impeccable design.


We named ourselves Matilha Studio (Wolfpack Studio). The name’s idea came up as we were three thinking heads and one wolf’s body (Cerberus). Our decisions were made as a group, so we became a pack.


We started to deliver more than just design projects, now the development starts to be done inside the studio.

- Pipefy's MVP
- Minestore


We grow exponentially. This year we made a profit larger than R$1.000.000,00.


We rented our first physical office with our equipment, it was a great achievement for the studio.

2020, 2021 e 2022

We went through a pandemic, continued with national and international projects, and returned to the hybrid work model.

Over the years we accomplished

+ 100 projects

+130 employees

1 unicorn company project

Projects in Brazil, Europe, and the United States. Still counting.


Our office

Our Team

Experienced and multidisciplinary professionals. We carry design methodologies as a guide for our projects.

Larissa Kusunoki

Service Design

Rodrigo Vidinich

Service Design Lead

Ilana Heymowski

Product Design

Karen Fernandes

UX/UI Design

Paula Konno

UX/UI Design

Rodrigo Ramos

UX/UI Design

Sarah Queiroz

UX Writer

Camila Malvessi


Lílian Ferreira


Vitor Ussui


Jessica Ramos


Celina Chaves

VP, Customer Service, Digital & Design

Nicolas Iargas

Head Project Officer

Nicoli Oliveira

People & Culture

Fernanda Pedroso


Karimme Santos

VP, People & Culture

Mario Ribeiro


Bruno Ceccatto

VP, Performance & Strategy

Guilherme Utko

Co-Founder, CEO, VP and Channels

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