White-label booking and management platform for the tourism sector

Service Design, UI | UX Design,
Development and Tech


Make an intuitive White Label digital product that offers a complete solution for travel agencies and agents to manage their business.


Discovery (Service Design):

Research to understand the platform's audience and how travel agents could use it to improve their businesses. 

Innovation Roadmap:

The Innovation Roadmap is the result of the previous research. It contains all the information about possible features and updates within the platform.

Branding and Naming:

The creative process of making the brand. It includes the name, visual identity, brand book, brand manifest, and graphic universe of the brand.

UI | UX Design:

Design and prototype the white label platform interface.

Development and Tech:

Front and Back-end development of the platform.

It was a very challenging project. We had to understand the users' needs in order to translate the solutions into useful design. The result was a platform designed to cover all Cormora’s audiences, from tourism professionals to large travel agencies."

- UI | UX Design Team

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