Marketplace made for industrial machinery and used equipment

Service Design, Branding and Naming, UI | UX Design


Reformulate the company's brand and existing marketplace. The main goal was to reflect the company’s new moment and improve the user's experience.


Discovery and ideation:

Research made to understand the main issues with the current platform, and to come up with possible solutions.

Rebranding and Renaming:

Immersive experience on the customer's daily life, to understand how to transform the brand to reflect the company's new moment. The former name was “Central de Materiais” (Material Center).

Redesign and prototyping:

Based on the insights collected in the previous research, and with the new visual identity proposal in hand, the marketplace was redesigned, now named Syx.

It’s always difficult to reformulate something that already exists and has a large history, it’s always a demanding task. The Syx project, formerly "Material Center", was no different. But it’s gratifying to think that the renaming, rebranding, and redesign of the brand’s marketplace will help the company expand its market.

- Branding Team


Caroline Mello

Design de Serviço

Bianca Cordazzo

Service Design e UX | UI Design

Thomas Freitas

UX Design

Alan Maranho

UX Design

Erika Nara


Matheus Senne

Desenvolvimento Backend

Leandro Proencio

Desenvolvimento Front-end

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