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Service Design, UI | UX Design, Development and Tech


Redesign the MeuPS news site to improve the user's experience and interaction.


Discovery (Service Design):

Collecting, interviewing, and structuring the information received from customers and platform users.

Innovation Roadmap:

Roadmap and innovation backlog of possible innovations and features for the platform and project for the incoming years.

Redesign and Prototype:

Redesigning and prototyping the existing platform, considering the main inputs collected in the Innovation Roadmap.

The research we made provided a deeper understanding of the gamer universe! We contacted users from all over the world, which made it possible to find opportunities that were aligned with the market and also with the community already established by MeuPS.”

- Service Design Team


Caroline Mello

Design de Serviço

Bianca Cordazzo

Service Design e UX | UI Design

Thomas Freitas

UX Design

Alan Maranho

UX Design

Erika Nara


Matheus Senne

Desenvolvimento Backend

Leandro Proencio

Desenvolvimento Front-end

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