The world’s most-played Battle Royale game

Service Design, UI | UX Design,
Development and Tech


Unify and improve the user experience, on the global and regional PUBG websites.



Research with PUBG users worldwide. The collected information was used to guide the next stages of the project and the redesign of the existing platforms.


The redesign of the existing platform was based on the information collected during the discovery.

Desenvolvimento e tecnologia:

Front and back-end development of the platform prototype.

During the discovery, we conducted interviews with professional and amateur players worldwide, as well as surveys and behavioral analysis, all conducted in English.

- Service Design Team


Barbara Borges

Design de Serviço

Larissa Kusonoki

Design de Serviço

Alan Maranho

UX Design

Fernanda Bocchi

UX Design

Ana Laura Araújo

Desenvolvimento Front-end

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Service Design
UI | UX Design
Development and Tech