Oscar Niemeyer's Museum

The biggest art museum in
Latin America

Service Design, UI | UX Design,
Development and Tech.


Making the experience on MON’s website pleasant and useful for the end users and internal users of the organization. Also unifying information from different sectors of the museum in the platform.


Research (Service Design)

MON already had input on previous research made by them, but our service team was responsible for prioritizing and making minor adjustments to the information collected.


We considered the Visual Identity of the museum and applied it to the interface design. We also considered the data collected in the previous research

Development and technology:

Front and back-end development of the prototype and MON’s e-commerce.

The project was very challenging. MON is an important institution in Curitiba and has many design specifications, policies, and regulations related to development projects. It was a different experience for us to exchange with the client's designers in such a consistent way"

- UX Design e UX Writing team

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Service Design
UI | UX Design
Development and Tech